Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Favorite Place to Eat.

10 Favorite Places to eat... in Southern California (mostly in Malibu/101 North of like Universal City but South of Ventura....) because I am in denial about this move.

1. Roy's Hawaiian Fusion. Dennis took me here for my birthday (Woodland Hills location) because we had a gift card. It was amazing. Amazing. And pricey. And they sent me a card a few days ago saying that they really were happy we went. Me too.

2. La Paz. One of our favorite date night places, they have both pricey and affordable. And the service is usually really great. I took Dennis here for his last birthday. They brought him a flan and sang happy birthday to "Pancho" (who would be his brother...)

3. Gaucho Grill in Woodland Hills. We go here for birthdays too. They are the closest we get to Argentine food, which is often the closest we get to Chilean food because I can't make empanadas. They have good salads and milanesa too.

4. Coco's in Calabasas I have a lot of memories here even after the prices rose and fall. It's a great place to go when you don't want to eat fast food and need a sit down place. We really have had a lot of great meals here and there is this guy- Jose- who is a pretty great waiter. And right now they are having a pretty good promotion.

5. Santa Fe Cafe. Only for the BBQ Chicken Quesadilla. The reason that I love BBQ Sauce. Really. Before I had this Quesadilla, I had convinced myself that I didn't like BBQ sauce. So good. We don't go here enough but I love this Quesadilla.

6. Malibu Seafood. I love that we can go here during the year when the crowds aren't as big. It's fresh and glorious and relaxed and you can get a pretty cheap meal as long as you order the fish and chips, which is all we need. The tartar sauce, another sauce I thought I hated.....

7. Taverna Tony. Oh, this place is so good. It's another place that is kind of pricey and so we only go for ultra special occasions but the last time we went Dennis ended up dancing with old ladies that used to be belly dancers.

8. Spruzzos. I'm suprised to see bad reviews for this place on yelp- this place is another place so close to our heart! I think they have pretty good service! And they are NEVER packed. And I like that it's kind of a hole in the wall.

9. Yamato in Agoura Hills. I love the big portions here and it's a great place to go for anniversaries and (fake) birthdays.

10. Jack in the Box. This is all that Dennis eats when I'm out of town. It's not healthy and you don't really eat here when you visit us- we usually get it to go. But we know everyone there by now and I like visiting with he workers. (Exception of the guy who works the late shift. He's always been a little withdrawn...)

**I could have put La Salsa or McDonalds in this position. We go to those places alot too and know the people at McDonalds in Malibu too. I wish I could list our KFC but sadly the chicken sucks. I wish the one near LAX was better, because I love KFC, but although it might have better chicken, it is always so filthy.


Miss Chevious said...

i only know jack in the box. :) 2 tacos and 2 eggrolls! yummy!

cindy jane said...

Erin, you're in Japan already!
Post about their foods! :D I love Japanese foods!

aceswyf said...

Jack in the Box has the *best* eggrolls. YUM! Better than some of the Chinese places I get them at. Deane could probably eat at McD's once a day if I didn't throw a fit LOL

I'd definetly have to have two seperate lists...one for Seattle and one for LA... :-)

Hope you're having a great time in Japan!!!