Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adventures in the Valley...

As Dennis has been suffering kidney problems, and as he has no insurance, we decided to venture into the valley today to go to one of those clinics that allows you to pay cash/credit.
We tried first to go to this place we found via the website 40 Dollar Quality Medical Care.com, despite the fact that the doctor's website looks like the most basic of templates from power point. Anyway, we were confused- see photo above- because it looked like we were in a purely residential area. And a kind of scruffy one, to be honest. I called the number and the "receptionist" said "well, it's a house AND a clinic... but anyway, we are closed." (Which was weird, because we called from home before we left and they said they were open...)

So, I had this vision. Could my husband almost have been treated by a witch doctor/curandera or like one of those doctors who isn't licensed in the US?? $40 dollars is not worth it.

So we went to another urgent care clinic, that actually looked like a clinic (a nice one, really). We were seen right away, and apparently (just as we expected)Dennis has a kidney infection and kidney stones. They give him antibiotics and pain meds. And I am confident that we didn't get like a staff infection or lice or something.

Life Lesson of the day: Don't go to some "clinic" in a house in the valley. (Duh.)


Unknown said...

Um, all I know about The Valley is from movies and even I wouldn't go to a house/clinic!

Unknown said...

I feel for you! I have had kidney stones. I have no insurance so I so know what you are going through. Hope he feels better soon.