Friday, December 16, 2005

and an advent card from Luciana
This car spoils us. seriously. I was thinking about this today- if we had to leave our apartment for some tragic reason, we could conceivably live in this car. Except that there is no bathroom/refrigerator/etc.... this car is a great blessing.
the first thing to add to the new car, a JackBall. Posted by Picasa


Me, Myself and I said...

OOOHHH Chicosss!!! Pedazo de coche, no??madre mía, es chulísimo !!!! *doing the happy dance*. Realmente super cool, seguro que lo disfrutais!

Oye, que curioso lo del hermano de Dennis, no? actor ? por aquí no se le ha visto pero espero podamos verlo pronto! jeje

Suerte en tus exámenes !

Sarah said...

Erin, you are so funny. I tell Deane all the time that we could live in our car too, if we had to. Even though it's smaller than yours, but never know.

Anyway-congratulations on the new car! You must be so excited! Are you going to start driving now? I still have to get off my butt and do that too...

Enjoy the car and Happy Holidays!

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