Sunday, December 18, 2005

lazy day... i'm on the other side of the mountain!!

We just rented "the Skeleton Key"- it was a pretty good movie all things considered and I think I would reccommend it as a rental for sure. It has Gina Rowlands, from "The Notebook", and I'm beggining to love her! And it was a nice way to end our day. We are both feeling crummy and Dennis is just starting to feel better as far as his skin goes, so we just relaxed in bed all day and had Chinese food for dinner. Now, I'm watching SNL and listening to Dennis sleep beside me. (Man those "stronger-than-benedryl" pills the doctor prescribed for him are working!)

The Friday Five in Spanish

1 -¿Cuál fue la primera canción mp3 que bajaste, cuando y en que programa?(what was the first mp3 that I downloaded, when, and with what program?) Back in the good old days of Napster, I am pretty sure the first song that I downloaded was some pop song. Fiona Apple maybe?
2- Los 3 artistas de los que mas mp3 tienes en tu computadora son...? (the 3 artists that you have the most mp3s on your computer are?)Now that we have to actually pay for MP3s, I have only Dean Martin's Greatest Hits, Aqualung, and on my work PC, Norah Jones and Kelly Clarkson.
3- ¿Estación favorita del año? (Favorite station of the year?) Assuming this is radio, I have to say either star 94.1 because they play good music all the time with no special (lame) 80's music night. Dennis will only listen to K-Love 107.5, the only spanish pop-rock radio station.
4- Página de internet que más visitas (que no sean los buscadores o hotmail)(website that I visit the most, not including search engines or hotmail) hmm. I go to too much, or the facebook website. (or worse
5- Restaurante de comida rápido favorito... (Favorite fast food restaurant) Jack in the Box is great because they sell hamburgers and egg rolls. (ha!) and they are open 24 hours, which is fantastic because after 10, Malibu becomes a ghost town.

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Switch! said...

Ah Fiona Apple, que padre.

La pregunta de la estación, no se referia a música, sino al tiempo, x ejemplo verano, invierno, otoño y primavera.

Gracias x responderlas, saludos!