Thursday, December 22, 2005

bored and have a sore throat...

Are you more...

01) Someone whose inner child still believes in Santa Claus or someone whose inner child is dead and you are heartless and bah humbug? I still believe in "the Spirit of Santa" when I'm around kids. But honestly, we have no Christmas decorations up, like 4 holiday cards, and our presents to ourselves are underneath my mom's dying house plant. (would make a great pic to post!)
02) Enjoying all the "Christmas" decorations hither and yon or enjoying all the "Holiday" decorations hither and yon? I enjoy the decorations because they are. If someone is trying to be politically correct by saying "holiday" they are annoying. If someone is trying to be a Christian witness by stubbornly refusing to say anything other than "Christmas" (tree, break, decorations...), then they are not picking their battles correctly. This article explained the whole deal quite well- From Where I Stand(Make sure you are reading this week's column)
03) Likely to try the Baked Fettuccini w/Chicken dish at a restaurant or likely to try the New York Steak at a restaurant? Pasta all the way. It's probably cheaper too.
04) Despite having to shovel snow, a lover of winter or because of things like having to shovel snow, a hater of winter? Hate winter because of snow shoveling, snow boots, ice on the windshield, frostbite, etc. etc. etc.
05) An indulger of cookies during Christmas or an abstainer of cookies during Christmas? Usually an indulger of cookies, this year I am doing my absolute hardest to abstain (with moderate success apart from last night's cookie dough relapse).
06) Scholarly or hard-working? Isn't there a middle? I love learning, love the educational channels, even enjoy my classes. But I am a huge procrastinator and this semester it took a lot of prayer to get me to go to every single class. (I was praying to break my leg to have a good excuse to not go and because I knew that I had no good reasons for missing class, I always went. So I paid attention and got good grades but it was very hard.)
07) More easily turned on with video (tv, movies) of sexy looking people or more easily turned on by seeing sexy looking people in person? I don't look at people in person "in that way" any more because I am married but I can appreciate a romantic scene that I am watching with my husband (He hates it when I say "Antonio Banderas is so cute!" but hello! he rented "The Dukes of Hazzard" to watch while I was studying, just so he could see Jessica Simpson! He actually replayed her music video on the DVD before we returned it at blockbuster "just one last time")
08) A mall Christmas shopper or an online Christmas shopper? I LOVE online shopping. What I don't love is that the one cool gift I bought for Dennis a week ago might not get here until right after Christmas because I was admittedly cheap on shipping.
09) Someone who always knows approximately what time it is or someone who often couldn't really tell you to within a half-hour what time it is? usually the latter- sometimes I can guess and be within 15 min. to 1/2 hour right but I don't have a watch and I use my cell phone to keep time.
10) A pear or a carrot? pear


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's fantastic gift from your grandmother!! I'm very happy that you've gotten something much more valuable.
OOh and the car. I thought it was your Vue from the Family Renunion show, right? Yipee!

Anonymous said...

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