Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I had to wait until after 1am, when Hubby is snoring, to take a bite of my new secret favorite food I'm not supposed to eat. Let me tell you, this stuff is the devil- it does not need to be cooked in order to be enjoyed!! I found out last week when I had very low blood sugar and legitimately needed to eat something sugary and we didn't have any coca-cola in the house. I ate the first line and baked the rest. And then I had a coupon for more, so I thought "hey, just in case I get low again."

How naive I am. One line at a time each night (4 unbaked cookies), I have demolished my diet. Since around October, I have managed to not eat sweets, not entering the sweets aisle at the grocery store, and thus, not eating all of the cookies all at once as though I'm starving. I tried telling Dennis- I have a problem. Now I am hoping he doesn't notice that there used to be 2 packages of cookie dough in the fridge and now there is only 1. (Hey atleast there is still one!) And maybe since I have made the confession, the first package of dough is now finished, and I recognize that my blood sugar really cannot handle this delicious torture, I will have the will power to jump back on that wagon.

note: there is a funny little warning at the top about not eating this stuff until it has been baked. buwahhhhhaaa. okay, i need help.