Tuesday, December 20, 2005

my grandma is the COOLEST!!

I got the typical grandma card in the mail today. Red envelope, traditional Lutheran stickers on the back about celebrating Christ, beautiful card with the Baby Jesus on the front, and open it expecting the traditional check for Christmas (grandma is very predictable). But THIS YEAR Grandma sent a little extra! My grandma sent me $100 extra just for the girls!! How sweet and amazing is that?? I called her right away and she said "well, I didn't think about it but when I saw their photos, I realized that they are my grandchildren too." awww!!!! I feel so good inside that my grandma thinks that my step daughters are also her step-great-grandbabies!! How cool is that?? You know, it reminds me of just how far we have come in our relationship too. In the beginning, I thought everyone was against us or confused at least because I was marrying someone with 2 children. This is the best Christmas present my grandma has ever given me- acceptance. (I haven't told Dennis yet- I'm going to wait until he reads the card!)