Friday, January 06, 2006

my husband is afraid of dayquil

No, really. We are both sick- runny noses, achy, grumpy (okay that part is mostly me), headaches, etc. and we have some dayquil. Dennis wants to take ONE capsule because he's afraid it will give him liver damage.
erin-"honey just take the reccommended 2 pills. you'll be fine"
hubby- "but it might hurt my tummy..."
erin- "Dennis, do you drink more than 3 alcholic beverages a day? Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?"
hubby-"no..well sometimes.."
erin-"just take the pills."
It's cute and endearing and I know we are still "working" as a couple when he makes me laugh so hard about his phobia of dayquil that I am spitting diet pepsi all over our bedroom floor.

Also, Dennis officially has been promoted. I've been saying he will be for months now, but he is actually going to the branch that he's been relocated to tomorrow morning, actually getting a desk, actually got a phone call from THE MAN saying he officially has a raise in pay! Yay!!
And the girls got our Christmas package. I sent them some really cute gaucho pants (black and kinda like the ones pictured above but without the boots) and a tank top that said rock royalty because I decided that it is time to start sending them teenage clothes, as much as it makes Dennis nervous. They asked him "who picked out these clothes? they're so cool! it was Erin wasn't it?!" And this makes me feel so cool.

And we watched "Without A Paddle" because it was like 5 bucks at blockbuster. It had some funny moments but I would wait until it comes on the Comedy Central Channel instead of watching it.


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hello Erin & Dennis. Sorry for being absent from blogging. Was off to Mexico. I'm back now.

Hey, saw your beautiful pics. Your Christmas tree looks so so so cute. Hey, congratulations to Dennis for his promotion and pay raise.

Hey, the New Years' dinner looks like it was so delicious.

Bye for now and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both.

B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hello Erin. Thanks for your very nice comments. Answering to your question, the Flintstones stuff was in the Melia Puerto Vallarta Hotel, in Jalisco State. It's like an attraction for kids, and some adults like me, lol.

Have a great weekend. I enjoyed your pictures a lot. Bye and God bless. :)

Anonymous said...

Take 2 dayquil, four asprin, one advil, and three tums and call it good, u'll feel a lot better :)

Anonymous said...

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