Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Prayers for the week of Jan. 09...

Today (in 20 min.) I start the new semester. Class from 4pm to 10pm (just 2 classes and only class on Thursday from 4-6pm)- The Synoptic Gospels (4 Textbooks) and Reformation Church History (8 books!!!) - So I need prayers that I'll slide back into the schedule of work and school easily and that I won't feel overwhelmed! (yet)
Also, tomorrow morning I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled! I can't eat anything after midnight tonight and I am terrified of the whole "going under" part even though I know from experience that I do not want to be conscious while they are pulling my teeth out. So I guess I just need prayers so that I'm not anxious and also just because I'm terrified of the pain!!