Sunday, January 08, 2006

See this movie!!

Tonight, our friend from Boston (who actually just got back from peace corps in Swaziland), came to town and we went to see "Memoirs of a Geisha". This is another instance of Dennis dragging me to the theater because he knows the movie will be good and I think it looks boring. And I was totally wrong again. This movie was so haunting and beautiful- the story and the acting and the music and the cinematography- all fantastic and this is one of those movies that is being ignored right now because I think most people are going to wait to rent it. Don't wait. See it in the theater! (so good we just might buy it when it comes out on DVD good)

And, late, The Friday Five, in Spanish:

1- ¿Por cuál superhéroe te gustaría ser salvado? (Which superheroe would I want to be saved by?) Anyone except underdog. Batman is the most human of the all, I guess.

2- ¿Qué prefieres, leer un libro o ver una película? (What do you prefer- reading a book or watching the movie?) Tough one with tonight's film review in point- I'm lazy so I have to say I'd rather watch the movie but at the same time, when I've read the book first I'm always disappointed. If I do one, I can't do the other. I can't read "Memoirs of a Geisha" now, because the movie has spoiled it for me.

3- ¿Agua, Soda, Café o Té? Sólo elige uno (Choose only one: water, soda, coffee, or tea?) Soda, without question.

.4- ¿Cuántas veces te bañas a la semana? (How many times do you bathe in a week?) well...... I don't have a bathtub so I never "Bathe" and I don't shower enough lately..... (i'm clean!! I promise!!)

5- ¿Cuál es tu día favorito de la semana y por qué? (What is your favorite day of the week and why?) I love Friday because I don't have any school and three days to procrastinate.


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hi Erin. Very nice you spent a nice time game nighting. Hope Dennis & you feel better of your cold as well. Hey, I definetly would like to go watch that movie you mention. Sounds fun. Have a great Sunday and bye for now.

Tu amiga Mexicana, Gabriela. :)

Aceswyf said...

Uh, I just saw that you posted at 4:20 a.m....are you INSANE? GO TO BED ALREADY!!!

Sounds like you guys have been very social lately! Wish I could say the same for us...I haven't even been social online, let alone in real life!!!

Take care and have a great week!

Shannon said...

Hi, wanted to say I have come across your blog more than once.. I like..I like the Friday

Anonymous said...

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