Saturday, March 11, 2006

birthday part two

Dennis came home from work with a huge white cake, which we haven't even eaten today. (He went above and beyond, this year) And we did our taxes (almost- we have to fax some paperwork in on Monday), and I resisted to the temptation to take a photo with the lady who helped us. either way, it was a strange way to spend your birthday. (and she didn't even say happy birthday to me when she asked me when my birthday was!!) it's a relief to have that part over anyway.
When we got back to campus, we debated on seeing "King Kong" for free (the school was showing the movie in the auditorium) but I've heard that it ends badly and I didn't want to cry on my birthday. So we went to dinner instead. (Well, we waited for the end of a JFK conspiracy show on the history channel because Dennis is obsessed with the JFK conspiracy) and then we went to this small restaurant in Malibu that has the best Gnocchi this side of the equator. It was a huge thing for me because I have been avoiding heavy, rich foods but it was so good (I had the 4 cheese gnocchi and Dennis had gnocchi bolognesa). If anything, I will leave the gnocchi for special occasions because now my tummy hurts a little. (Well, I had gnocchi and a glass of White Zinfandel- another thing I rarely have- and then they brought out a small piece of cake!) *So if you are in Malibu, I stand by the claim that "Giovanni's" is still good service for Italian even though they increased prices and changed owners. It's worth it for the great waiters and the great gnocchi!!!


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Great you got done doing your taxes.

Hey, saw the pics of your bithday celebration. Seems that you and your hubby spent a great time, which is neat.

So many congratulations for your birthday and God bless.

Hey, keep up the good job at eathing healthier. You are looking better and better with those pounds less, which is nice. Good job.

Bye for now and have a bery blessed week. :)

Anonymous said...

Yey for a nice birthday! Happy Birthday btw! YEy for taxes being done and that place looks really nice!