Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Hate Uncle Sam....

not exactly. But I am feeling strangely republican about money all of a sudden (no offense to republicans). Today, you see, was pay-taxes-day when we found out how much we owe to the government and to H & R Block. I have never "owed" that much money if at all. Taxes to me, has always been proof that I'm dirt poor and yay! a little bit extra from the gobierno around May. So I never understood why people rush to the post office around April, never really understood why people freak out about how their tax dollars are paying for the governors' haircut (and so on...), etc. Dennis thinks it's hilarious because truth be told, we really didn't owe that much this year and it probably would have been same ol' same ol' had we not received the car. What we did pay is really small in comparison to what many of the clients at Dennis's bank pay, for example. So he says "so you are suddenly thinking like a rich person after so little money??" and rolls his eyes.

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He's right. And on the flip side, it is a blessing for us to be suddenly so much more financially stable that we actually owe money enough to pay for H & R Block service. It helps out with immigration and it does make me feel a little more adult and a little more mature. I'm going on the right path. Me not paying taxes because I'm financially unstable is not good. So I see God working in this. It just hurt a little.

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Lynn said...

Hey girl!! Just getting back online after the big move back to the US.

Oh, I hate to see what our tax bill will be like year after next. I haven't had to pay any taxes for the last 4 years (been out of the country, so owed no tax) and then next year we'll be able to make the whole move tax deductible, so will owe little if any! Gonna be a big shock to the system in 2008 though!

Glad to hear you guys are doing good though! Hugs to you!