Friday, May 19, 2006

day six sans hubby...

I have been quite lazy, watching just about every documentary on The DaVinci Code that is on TV, eating too many starburst jellybeans.

Today, Dennis didn't get to see the girls in the way that he had planned (they didn't miss school and they can't spend the night). He's frustrated and "ready to come home". I'm sad that he is feeling overwhelmed and annoyed but I'm also secretly kind of happy because, as Gabriela said, he misses the US and our home. He told me that he wishes that he could come home sooner and that he will be happy when he is here with me. It really reminds me of how many missionaries must feel when they are overseas for so long and then return to the US. And it's very interesting that as proud as you are of your country and your raices, "home" is where your family is, where your life is and it isn't really so much about the language or food. I expected Dennis to miss me but I didn't expect him to be so ready to leave Chile because he always talked about how much he missed Chile and hated the US.