Thursday, May 18, 2006

day five sans hubby...

I feel vindicated in knowing that even if my stepdaughters might have felt awkward around Dennis on the first day, true to teenage girl form, they now have him wrapped around their fingers. He was worried!
Yesterday he spent the whole day with his youngest, who just turned 13. They listened to music and more importantly, they went shopping. Shopping, even with your Dad, can be an incredible bonding experience. And today, he was able to spend time with both girls. He said that they talked about traveling to the US and they listened to RBD. Tomorrow they are going to spend the whole day with Dennis with a plan to go shopping for shoes.

What is so cool and important to me is that it shows that they are growing into typical teenagers who are "insolente" or rebellious but who still love their daddy (Dennis says that even though they act grown up sometimes they still want to act like little girls and let him carry them and play childish games.) They listen to RBD! *For those who do not know, this is the band from Mexico pictured above. RBD means Rebelde (Rebellious) and it is your basic pop band similar to Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys. And the latina teenagers here in the US are crazy for the band so I knew that my stepdaughters would like them too. And as it turns out, my oldest stepdaughter (who is turning 14 next month), knows all of their songs word for word. Dennis is worried that the girls will probably want to dress like this during the summer and he is not that happy that I don't mind buying them miniskirts!! (I don't mind buying the minis that you can get at the store like here, that are sold for little girls but I don't want them to entirely dress like the girls in RBD! I just like fashion :) Lucky for the girls!)

I just really really enjoy watching them grow up, watching Dennis panic, seeing just how normal they are. I can't wait for him to come home so that I can get all of the pictures!!

(Dennis also went to the Iglesia de Cristo today and they said that they want him to speak on Sunday and also they said that I could probably work with them if we had to move to Chile, which is good- it's good to know that I would have a job!)