Saturday, May 13, 2006

hubby is leaving in one hour...

For Chile.
But the good news is that our neighbors downstairs are also moving to Ohio and so they needed to get rid of their mattress!! Which is perfect because not only did they give us a hardly used queen sized orthopedic mattress with no stains or rips in it, but seriously our old mattress was getting to be soooo bad- the spring (mangera?) was poking Dennis at night and it was hurting our backs and it was just really old and really bad. So we have a new (FREE) mattress!! (I'd take photos of before and after but Dennis has the camera packed for his trip.)

He is making a short stop in Peru and will be in Chile tomorrow morning. He's more nervous than I am, I think because he hasn't seen his daughters since they became teenagers and because everyone is going to be different. But I am confident that the trip will be a success and I'm so excited for him! (Plus he's bringing back bon-bons and I loooove bon-bons!)

So this is going to be day one of me without my hubby. (I know that I will still sleep only on "my side" of the bed!!)