Monday, May 15, 2006

day one sans hubby...

Dennis called me this morning to tell me that he was in Los Andes, Chile. He arrived safely!! He sounded tired but so happy and it was good to hear that in his voice. I also talked to his mother and told her "happy mother's day" (it is celebrated on the same day in Chile as it is in the US). I think that Dennis coming home to see her and his family was the best gift. (But we also got her a DVD player). I'm so jealous that he gets to see his family and the joy in their faces to see him, I know his family missed him and they are so proud of him. (His mom told me that she wants me to come next year.)
Anyway, today Dennis hopefully got the chance to visit with his little girls. I'm praying that they were able to visit with him, even just for a little while, and that seeing how much they have grown is a blessing for Dennis. He hasn't called me again today but I will talk to him tomorrow and grill him for details. (I also want to know how my nephew, Tomatito, is because my suegra said he is getting fat because he is the youngest and most spoiled. We bought him a dodgers t-shirt and a toy that teaches numbers in english, french, and spanish :) And I want to hear about my neices and nephew that are older. I bought them ALOT of candy (like $40 worth) and I hope they don't get cavities or tummy aches!
It just made me feel joy in my heart to hear his mom because she sounded so happy to see Dennis. (They say he is getting fat! I blame the gringo food!!)
As for me, here on my own, I watched a lot of TV. My whole day was in anticipation of The Survivor Finale (which shows you how bored I was.

And it was kind of anticlimactic. I actually stopped watching toward the end because the person I wanted to win did not win, and I ended up exercising outside. (I walked for about 40 min. and my cheeks still feel pink and warm from all of the movement! so it was probably a much needed thing!!)

Yesterday, I ate graham crackers for dinner. I ate graham crackers for lunch today too. And then I mixed it up with a bowl of "puffed wheat" (cereal) and somewhere in there, I added a "Twix" candy bar.

So, as you might imagine, that brisk walk outside was very much needed.

Day one of me without hubby was me being so happy for him and being soooo bored here. But I went outside and walked and that is a triumph for me.


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

How great your husband is safe now in Chile to see his mom and daughters.

Good that you went for your walk. I was told that walking is the best aerobic exercise. Some people do it daily for 30 minutes.

Have a very nice week Erin. :)

Me, Myself and I said...

OOhhh how nice that Dennis is in Chile, enjoying his land and his daugthers. Obviously, I can imagine how much you miss him but I am sure you are so thrilled for him :)

New Survivors Seasons is just starting over here. I am not watching it this year...haven't got time enough!