Monday, June 05, 2006

This Chair doesn't match!!!

yesterday we bought a leather chair from some friends who are moving to Uruguay and who need to get rid of their things. It was $100 (and we also got some lamps...) and it was an important expense for Dennis because he really wanted to help his friends out. The chair itself is so nice. It's the first piece of furniture that is really something we bought together, that wasn't "donated" to us and it is also like Dennis's "dream chair". He has been so excited to sit back in it and put his feet up! I like it to- I like that it makes our apartment more welcoming and I also like the character of it. Nothing in our living room matches- all of our furniture is so different! But it makes things feel more like home. (Photo of chair to follow if my photo uploader thingy starts working again!!)
(Prayers by the way, are needed as I realized today that my class is from 8am to 3pm, something I didn't even know that you could "do" in college, and it is also Monday through Friday!!)


Me, Myself and I said...

hehe I know what you mean about anything matching ;-) we've got an attic and it is like "el cajón de los desastres" where you put everything you don't want to throw it away and it's still usefull. Result: diferent colors and materials xD

B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hi Erin. I like your new chair. It looks very comfortable and steardy. Wow, so that is one where you can put your feet up? I like that, as none of mine have the option of putting the feet up.

Hope you are having a good week Erin. Ok, will inclued that need you mention, in my prayers.

Bye amiguita and hugs. :)