Sunday, December 10, 2006



Today, International Human Rights Day, is also a big day for Chile. The old dictator ("Tata" or abuelo or "bicho" or many many other words....) died. All afternoon we have been watching online, the public's response. Some people are sad or angry, either because they loved Pinochet or because they feel like Pinochet got away with murder. Many are convinced he is in hell, many are convinced that his death was a gift from the Virgin or "Viejo Pascuero" (Santa Claus). Many people seem to be relieved, because he symbolized over a decade of terror.
I'm not sure how Dennis feels- he didn't consider Pinochet a saint but he isn't celebrating his death either. Maye that's how it should be. But it's definitely culturally significant. (and frustrating- the news is covering a stupid Chivas futbol game more than this!!!)

This is also the beginning of finals week. Prayers needed for my greek exam on Wednesday!!

(Pin8- pinocho- another play on words of Pinochet.) Flickr searches for photos of today are the best!

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