Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I gave up on changing my blog skin. Blogger Beta is a pain to adjust to and I don't know how to fix it/don't have time or interest to try to create something on my own. So we are back to apples. It's easy to read and this way I can see my own comments and people who visit can see my website without having to use IE. (apparently, the other skin was not "firefox" friendly.
Whatever. I still like the color red.

Today we went shopping. We started out going to get our oil changed and because we came too early for an oil change, we didn't actually get the change. So we went to the mall instead.
We ate lunch at "Gaucho Grill" because it's one of Dennis's favorite restaurants. It's nice to go, because many of the employees are Argentine or Chilean. So it's like being a little closer to home. Dennis had Milanesa (in sandwich form- basically a breaded chicken sandwich) and I had Choripan!! (sausage on bread. Very very good. so worth the calories).
And then we went shopping. I am in charge of shopping for the baby. The friends we are visiting on Christmas have a new baby, born this summer. And I'm in charge of buying baby a gift. Probably a mistake on Dennis' part because while he was shopping for me, I was picking out a toy, shoes, and a "first christmas" outfit. (They really have some great baby toys. There was this when I was a baby?)
And then we went to pick out coats. Because apparently it's snowing in Las Vegas. We only really wear sweaters here.

It took Dennis over two hours to pick out a coat. It took me five minutes.

We watched "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" tonight too. It had a lot of potential but I don't really reccommend it at all. Wait until they show it on TV for free.

And best of all, it's not so cold anymore. We have a tiny space heater in our bedroom. (But one step out of our room and you are freezing!! Sitting on the toilet seat wakes you up in a snap!!)


cindy said...

Hi Erin! Thanks for visiting. Ohh.. I noticed you changed your layout to the old ones. :)

There's a saying that goes: "IE is the root of all evil".. but in your case, "Firefox" is the devil! LOL

There's no way you can change the layout to make it both IE & Firefox friendly - I have no idea why. It happened to me when I tried creating a layout for my blogger too. But good news, Blogger is no longer Beta now! It was announced today! Yay! (dunno if there's much difference tho) LoL.

I watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend too, and I must say.. it's just an OK movie. I don't know why.

Well, you have a great day, Erin. :D *Hugs*

cindy said...

btw, Erin.. what's your email add?
The ones at the bottom?

cindy said...

Oops.. I just sent you something on that email.

Do you have other email? Your mains ones maybe? :P

cindy said...

Sorry to spam on your comment box. *teehee*

Blogger Beta is now the official Blogger. As in, they removed the word "Beta" already. :P Dunno if there's much difference tho. Hehehe.

P/S You can email me at scarletjc(at)yahoo(dot)com. :D