Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Are you serious?

yeah I am.
I just paid two girls almost ten dollars to sit around with me and talk.

these 2 undergraduate girls were knocking on doors tonight raising money for a trip to build a house in Florida during their spring break. They offered to do my dishes and I was like "People!!" so I invited them in to watch "Beauty and the Geek" with me. We ended up talking about dorm life (Pepperdine's curfew and no-alcohol policy and church and stuff) It was so much fun but I felt like such a dork because I was like "oh are you sure you have to leave??"

I felt like an old lady that you visit on charity. If they come back tomorrow, they'll get the two dollars I've got left in my purse.

Prayers: My brother-in-law has decided to stop all medical treatment for his cancer because the side effects of the chemo are too severe. Dennis is angry and frustrated but neither of us blame Pancho for "quitting"- he's really sick and it's so hard.


Me, Myself and I said...

wow, ur brother in law decision is shocking. He might have really realising there is no alternative? how sad, I pray for him. And I really think he is so brave, being so young and coping with it.

LOL@the girls' visit.

I'm Just Sayin... said...

wow - i'm really sorry to hear about your brother in law. that's always hard to deal with because you dont want to give up and yet you want to supprot their decisions.

sirry for sitting on arms...being bastard-attention-whore.

anwho- too funny about the girls. my mom takes care of little old ladies and one of her clients is a really old woman that is very lonely but overly independent, so her daughter hired my mom to be this lady's "friend" - meaning my mom watches her and this lady doesn't know mom is paid for it. my mom ended up falling in love with this little old lady and nwo the two really are very good friends.

cindy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Pancho's illness. :( I understand how he feels about chemo and the side effects. My cousin's wife had cancer too and seeing her with all the side effects of chemo just made me wanna break down and cry. :( I pray that Pancho gets better or at least feels better everyday.

On the other hand.. LOL @ you and the girls. It's funny when you mentioned that you feel like an old lady wanting a visitor, because it DOES sound like one! xD

Dennis need to come back soon.

medea said...

Your BIL is in my thoughts.