Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is this accurate?

The results of your analysis say:

You tend to pursue many different activities simultaneously. When misfortune does happen, it doesn't actually dishearten you all that much.
You are a direct and forthright person. You like to get to the core of the issue right away, with few signs of hesitation.
You are creative, mentally active and industrious.
You have a sunny, cheerful disposition.
done on old computer in office...

another fun thingy to do when I should be sleeping....
from Become an M&M

It reflects distance, where we are (beach/office), wishing I was traveling or at least owner of a pet, my association of penguins with Dennis, and we are both holding cell phones because that's how we talk lately. and my cell service sucks.

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cindy said...

Hmm.. most of them looks accurate to me. Like the words "you're creative, mentally active, sunny, cheerful.."

but I had to laugh when it says: "done on old computer in office..."