Thursday, January 25, 2007

Being a good person is hard...

Today, I found a USB flashdrive/jump drive on the sidewalk, right across from the law school. I put it in my bag because I thought "awesome! a flash drive!"
Right as I found the flash drive, the school shuttle passed me by and stopped and I thought "Wow! This is my day! I found a USB flash drive AND I don't have to walk to class now!!"

Then I got an email sent to all residents, from our Resident Advisor- she said she couldn't find her flash drive and was freaking out and wanted to know if anyone had seen it. I thought "well, it might be hers but maybe it isn't, maybe it's got like one document on it and I can keep it in good conscience"...

I got home about an hour ago, plugged it into my PC and I'm not kidding, it was her entire computer and all of her documents on this tiny flashdrive that doesn't even look like a typical flashdrive

I had to give it to her- it would have been like stealing her laptop. I knocked on her apartment door and handed it over- she was very happy and surprised, which made me feel good. But I had to say "honestly, you are lucky that you got it back! when I first found it, I thought I'd found myself a free flash drive!" She was so greatful and nice, and it made me feel good but I really do feel like a bad person in a way because if it hadn't been full of obviously important stuff, I probably would have kept it. I was thinking "what if it was me who lost my flash drive? what if someone broke in and stole MY laptop?" It was the right thing to do but I felt bad.


cindy said...

Aww... you're such a sweetie, you know that? I would have such bad time deciding wether to take it or return it back too. LOL

But you did the right thing tho. xD

gabriela said...

You did the right thing Erin.

Talking about your comment in my blog, yes, I have told Brian several times that he looks better with the goutee, but he does not like it so much. He only kept it in Mexico for a few days because I insisted him to please me by growing it, lol.

Men are funny at times.

Take care and have a great weekend.

I just caught a horrible cold and I don't know how I will feel tomorrow. Hopefully better.

Bye for now.


Gabriela. :)