Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I just wasted 10 minutes of my life

that I'm never getting back...

The Truth Today
First Name?:Erin
Time and Date started the quiz?:11:45pm 1/24/07
Dream Job?:mommy
What do you want right now?:a cheese danish
When last relationship ended?:don't remember
Are you a loyal person?:yep
What Would You Do
If someone came running up to you screaming?:I'd say "holy cow! what's wrong!!"
If you just got a thousand dollars?:I'd pay bills
If you have a choice to live anywhere in the world right now?:I'd live in Chile
If you were free to do whatever you wanted?:I'd go out for a drive
If you had 5 years more to live?:I'd stop going to school
If You were complety in love with someone who didn't know it?:I'd become an alcoholic
Are You Selfish?:yes, very
Are You Really Jealous?:sometimes. sometimes, I'm "jealous" because I know it strokes Dennis's ego
Do You Get Lonely?:yes
Is there anything you want to ask me?:nope
Do you think that there is something I don’t like about you?:you are an internet quiz.
What Do You Do All Day?:sleep and eat
Do You Like Movies That Other People Usually Don’t?:probably not. i'm not a big horror fan
Would You Exercise If Someone You Like Would Exercise With You?:definitely
What Do You Obsess About?:school, the future, my body
Do You Think Your Interesting?:yes
Are You Ambitions?:sometimes
Do you think I’m attractive 1-10?:you? my sexy computer? why am I doing this?
Do you think your attractive1-10?:at least an 8. sometimes a 10. sometimes a 3.
Are You Brave or Fearful?:fearful
Are You Afraid of Getting What You Want?:no
Do You like Someone Right Now?:Christian Bale
How many people have you kissed?:5-6 guys (there's one guy that I "allegedly" kissed in Buenos Aires but I don't remember)
Do Your Like Electronics?:yes
Do You Lie? What About?:I lie about how much money I spend
Is Your Mind Simple or Complex?:complex, I hope
Do You Worry A Lot? What about?:I worry about things like driving
Do You Easily Talk About Yourself To People You Just Meet?:sometimes too much
What Do You Want To Do Right Now?:watch youtube
What’s Hard About Your Everyday Life?:I can't drive
Do You Have Any Big Secrets You Need To Tell Someone?:nope
Is there something you want to tell me?:only if you ask
Who do you want to be with?:my husband
Is Deciding Things Easy To Do For You?:no
Are You Good At Commitment?:yes
What do you want to do everyday?:get hugged and kissed by my husband
What Kind Of Attitude Do You Have?:bipolar (I'm guessing here)
Is There Anything Else You Want To Talk About?:if you ask me.
Who do you think about mostly?:my husband
If someone you liked told you they were totally crazy about you......:i would say "i'm married but flattered"
And you just met them within 1-14 days?:"that's great for you but sorry!"
Would you tell me everything If I promised to not stop liking you?:my telling you, an internet quiz, anything is not dependent on our "relationship"
This Or That
Wanted some one way too much way too soon?:yes
Pirates or Safari?:pirates
City or Small Town?:small town
Written Diary or Voice Recorded?:written diary
Glitter or Shimmer?:glitter
Small house or big house?:big house
Beach or Mountains?:beach
Having A Bad Date or Watching A Awful 4 Hour Movie?:a bad date
Computer or Cell Phone?:computer
Tv or Music?:tv
Having A lot Of People Who You Don’t Like Want You or Having One Person You:huh?
Pamela Anderson or Hilary Swank?:Pamela Anderson
Being Stuck On An Island for 3 years with Your Love or Living With Someone:an island, I guess...
Have You Ever
Know Someone Who’s Voice You Love Hearing?:yes
Been On A Cruise?:no
Been To A Strip Club?:no
Been on A Plane?:yes
Been Deeply In Love?:yes
Played The Sims 2?:no
Tripped While Crossing The Street?:no
Liked Independent Films?:yes
Been So Jealous Of Celebrity Fame That You Didn’t Watch A show They Were On:no- i didn't watch chaotic because i thought it was a waste of time
Architecture?:clean, sturdy, not falling apart
Place to be?:in bed
Part Of Your Life?:right now
Top 5 people In Your Life?:husband, cristina, camila, brother in law, cousin heidi, mother in law
Smell?:dennis's cologne
Tv Show?:the amazing race
I have empty spaces to fill so.....:ask a question
E-mail me good questions you want me to ask:riiiighhhtt.....
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cindy said...

hehehehe.. it's fun reading your quiz. I'm not a big fan or horror too. :D

I really like your answer on "If you were completely in love with someone who didn't know it?". I'd be an alcoholic too! LOL

cindy said...

Hey Erin! Thanks for visiting again. :P

"Kau takut ka?" means "Are you afraid?" (it's in Malay language)

Oh.. uncle Don is not American. He's Portuguese. My brother married a Portuguese - uncle Don & Auntie Gina is the parents. :)

cindy said...

LOL you replied fast too!

Unfortunately, I couldn't speak Portuguese - but I'd love to learn. I know my brother knows a few Portuguese words. LOL.

In Malaysia, we speak Malay in general - but there's too many other dialects here, the local ones that is. There's like sooooo many ethnic over here.

If you decided to come over, it would be awesome! I can take you for sight-seeing. xD Oh.. you'll feel "loaded" over here. Haha. Our currency is currently $1 = RM3.60 (that buys you a plate of tasty fried rice!)