Tuesday, January 23, 2007

building up on self-indulgence...

Ten Things I have a Weakness For:

  1. free things (free food, free clothes, etc.)

  2. reality television (I'm watching Celeb BB right now on youtube)

  3. funny gay men (Ian on Celeb BB, Danny and Oswald from The Amazing Race 2, the guys on Project Runway...)

  4. cake (birthday cake!!)

  5. men with accents (I married one!!)

  6. shopping for clothes

  7. perfume

  8. babies (not the diapers and getting sick but holding them and watching them laugh)

  9. blog friends! (I'm not alone!)

  10. sushi

Dennis is going to go to Italy in the fall, as part of the MBA program. Originally he was going to Russia. But now he's going, by himself, to Italy. People go to Italy for their honeymoon and I'll be here all by myself!!


cindy said...

I love sushi too! :D

How long is Dennis gonna be in Italy?

cindy said...

aww.. 2 weeks of "dennis"less. :(

nvm, you n miriam can come over and we'll party all night long, lots of sushi and whatever stuff u wanna eat! :P

now let me try my luck on that jackpot....... xD

Me, Myself and I said...


OOOHHH AND JUDE LAW! I love that mand in THE HOLIDAY, he is so hot!! and sweet^*drool*