Monday, January 22, 2007


***update*** this was also consumed (just a glass), after I stubbed my toe.

actually, aside from the danish (and the pizza and the apple cinnamon rice cakes), i've eaten pretty healthy today. I had a no-carb veggie soup.

and some brownies. dammit.

this is starting to sound like the blog of the guy who ate nothing but mcdonald's for a month. but i'm not so bad. i'm a)mostly eating at home and b)not weighing myself as some kind of experiment that proves that I eat like crap.


medea said...

Mmmmm that all sounds so good! I mostly had Tums today. :)

BTW, this is fukuchan from FWC. Found you through Kuri. Nice to see you in the blogosphere!

Me, Myself and I said...

hahahahahaaaa !

I sinned too :P:P if you wanna someone to cry with! but dear, it is the weather, I can tell you.

And the wine... which is just...wonderful!

cindy said...

Mmmm... veggie soup. Heard about it but never trie it yet. :P Issit any good?

Sorry to hear you stubbed your toe. :(