Monday, January 08, 2007


It's been raging since about 5pm and we are not allowed to leave campus-- it started right across the street from the University and apparently it was intentional!! (It's bad because the wind here is sooo strong as it is!- 30/40 mph!) (Dennis took hours just to get home!!) Fire literally walking distance from where we live- they are putting the helicopters on our front university lawn. We are fine- they aren't evacuating the university and if anything, people on the coast would be evacuated to Pepperdine as four homes and some have burned down (and some other homes and cars have received damage).
The helicopters that are putting out fire and the news copters are still flying over our apartment.
(The last photo, taken more when the fire started, is the one closest to where we live so you can see our point of view. The other two are north of the fire, close to where Dennis works).


cindy said...

Oh dear, I hope no one's hurt in that fire. :(

But must admit, it's quite a scene to watch! =O

Oh ya, regarding your question on the cheap bras.. no, they're not good quality ones. Or so I heard... I never bought them =(

BlondeMom said...

Wow that is crazy! Glad you are OK.