Tuesday, January 30, 2007

grocery shopping again...

Tonight I went grocery shopping again. And again I was reminded of the fact that I really do enjoy marriage (even with stupid fights!)
I bought a lasagna to make the day that Dennis comes home (and loads of other junk food for me to eat in the meantime, including beloved twinkies and hot pockets that I would never buy if Dennis was here). I've never made him a lasagna but I know it's his favorite food and he does deserve it. Last night he rehersed his "speech" for class today, with me over the phone. He doesn't sound as bad as he thinks but he's so nervous about his accent- I think that it would be his only weakness but it really isn't so terrible if he speaks slowly. (And I had to argue with him a little over one word:

hubby: "I will explain the financials..."
me: "baby, it's finances not financials..."
hubby: "no it's financials, that's what it says in the book..."
me: "well, it is my native language but whatever you say..." (meaning "you know I'm right, just fix it...")

Tomorrow I have two objectives (technically today, looking at the hour)-
I have to let some movers in to replace the dresser drawers (bureau drawers?) for our bedroom and then put clothes in new drawers,
and I have to start cleaning the spare bedroom- it's also an "office" but it's cluttered with bills, gift wrap, computer stuff, blankets, scrapbooking things and clothes that don't fit in my drawers or closet (it looks like a hurricane went through that room!) I want to make it more inviting because Dennis will need a room where he can study and not be distracted (because if he is in the living room, he's going to have to study while I watch my reality shows and I'm not turning off "survivor" so that he can have quiet!)

We are so blessed to have "an extra room"!

Prayers for us- that guy that I hit with our car in late december (there's a blog post about it somewhere), called and left a message today and the damages are over $1500. Which is, at least to us, a lot of money for a fender-bender (really, it wasn't so bad!) I feel like I'm never ever going to drive!! I want to get my license but I don't want to be a lethal weapon on the road! (So I'm asking for prayers for the costs of the damage- I guess that it's not so bad and that it all works out for good- and prayers for me to learn to drive!)

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cindy said...

$1500 for the damage???!!! O man, that's a lot of money. :( Can't you negotiate with him.. maybe for a cheaper price?

Don't give up on driving tho. Perhaps one minor accident is all it takes for you to be more careful next time. :D