Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's brilliant...

What I really wanted to blog about a few hours ago was the fact that Dennis was in Tennessee being mad at me because I couldn't answer my phone and he thought that I was either ignoring him or that I was somewhere or sick or something (I've had seizures before so he had good reason to worry). When I came home, we argued for about a half hour and then I walked into the bedroom where the answering machine is and noticed that there were 2 new messages (in addition to the message from the boy about my car accident, see post below). I was on the phone with Dennis when I noticed the messages and he said "don't even play them, they are horrible and I was mean."

So I deleted them without listening to them. But I couldn't sleep at all and I've been re-playing our argument over and over in my head (I can't be the only one who does that!) It's 4:30 am and I'm thinking "it's 3 hours ahead in Tennessee. Maybe I should call Dennis to apologize, now that we've both had time."

I called him and he was so sweet, saying "don't worry, baby, I was so grumpy last night" and it was a very loving conversation (making up is always nice). I feel like I can sleep now. But first I check the messages on my cellphone. On my cell phone, you must listen to the entire message before you can delete the message. Dennis left two- the first time he asked where I was in a strained voice, but in english. The second time, he left a much angrier message in spanish that was so fast I couldn't understand it! I had to laugh. We've just made up and I realize now just how "grumpy" he was last night. I love him to pieces and I truly think that the reason why we argued was because he didn't realize that I was still in class (and even in class I couldn't have answered because of poor cellphone coverage) and because of the distance.

I feel like we are back like we were when we were "Long Distance"- we are overly sensitive about little things because we aren't together and at the same time, we miss every little thing about each other! I still don't miss his snoring or messy bathroom habits but I really miss sharing our bed! (and I was ready, when he left, for him to leave because I felt claustrophobic at night! He's one of those people who takes up the whole bed but I compensate by taking all the blankets LOL!)

It's an interesting thing, in an intercultural/bilingual marriage, that when one person gets upset that person speaks in their native language really fast and in a way that's hard to understand. Sometimes I can argue in spanish but I never feel like I have control really unless I'm saying what I have to say in English. Dennis is the same- he can argue quite well in English but he does his best when he's saying it in Chilean Spanish (oh and sometimes that really just makes ME angrier!! LOL!) Are we the only people who react like that?

Oh and another question for someone who has been separated for a short time from their spouse/partner- is it so normal that I can't bring myself to sleep on his "side" of the bed?


Me, Myself and I said...

TOTALLY TRUE! I can't hold an argument in english or other language! think that I can speak catalan as good as spanish and I switch langauges every litte minute everyday BUT when it comes to argue, I can start speaking in english/catalan/whatever but I always end up with the spanish hahahahhaaa xDDDD I am sorry but taht's the way I can defend myself better ;-)

cindy said...

I would love to hear both Dennis and Miriam argue in Spanish ~~ I think it would be cute! xD

I think that's how it is with intercultural/bilingual couples. My bf argues in Chinese whenever he's upset too and sometimes I couldn't catch what he's trying to say and it makes me angrier! LOL

You and Dennis makes very cute couple. :D