Wednesday, January 03, 2007

it's like driving a Porsche

Dennis bought a new laptop today, for his MBA program. It's a shiny new Toshiba with an awesome screen and a super fast processor. I can use it to blog in. But I can't use it to download torrents like UK Celeb Big Brother.
Oh it's so nice!!
I suppose that in all coolness, I am pretty much going to dominate the other computer (which is a pretty nice computer even if it is slower), during the year while he uses this one. It's just that it's like driving the family station wagon while Dennis is driving the porsche. And he's going to be doing a really intensive school program so he deserves all of the fancy bells and whistles.

(And to be really even more fair, it was a trade off. I waited for him for almost 2 hours to pick out a laptop between Best Buy and Office Depot, and he gave me an hour to wade through the sale bins at Victoria's Secret.)


mrsmogul said...

I heard that there's a cast of nobodies on celeb big brother. Maybe no one wants to get on it??

cindy said...

Oohhh.. gratz on the new laptop. :)
I'm sure he's gonna enjoy it so much. I love mine too :P

Did you buy anything at Victoria's Secret? ;)