Friday, January 05, 2007

What's in my bag?

I couldn't think of anything to blog about last night (and I stared at the computer for so long that I ended up arguing with hubby about why I insist on blogging so late at night when he is trying to sleep!) Honestly, the only thing I could think of last night was "wow I really need to tell my blog friends that Diet Pepsi Jazz is really awesome (the commercials were kind of sketchy and I was thinking at first that it's kind of lame that coke and pepsi keep messing with their flavors BUT the strawberry and cream version is really tasty!!)
Today I did come up with inspiration from Cindy who blogged about What is inside her purse.
my purse is less interesting but I'm married :)
The outside is my "fabby Chilean purse" that I adore because Dennis's mother picked it out for me and it is big and fits all the crap I put into it.

The inside is clearly a mess. It contains:
  • keys- house, car, and work. and a bunch of keychains including a spongebob squarepants and membership to ralphs, albertsons, cvs, and hallmark.
  • a LOT of receipts (yes I did buy something a Victoria's Secret!!)- usually receipts from everywhere from grocery stores to movie theaters- that movie ticket poking out is from "The Pursuit of Happyness" (Good movie)
  • scratch paper- this is a pad of paper from a hotel on the border of Nevada and California called "Buffalo Bills" (strange- usually I also have a pen. But not today?)
  • health insurance cards, business cards, cards for membership to Universal Studios theme park, Pepperdine student ID card (essential for gym entrance and discount at movie theaters), and bank debit card.
  • check book (for Sunday church donations generally).
  • random $5
  • 2 different kinds of chapstick- strawberry lipsmackers and vanilla softlips. I don't really know why I have 2 different kinds in there- probably forgot I had one in and tossed another in just in case. I don't really use either.
  • tissue for runny noses
  • passport for ID
  • driver's permit (which will hopefully turn into driver's license soon so that passport can stay in underwear drawer where it belongs)
  • and finally, blood glucose monitor for diabetes. Can't leave home without it.

Tonight Dennis is renting 2 movies (he just called to tell me)- A Scanner Darkly and Lady in the Water- has anyone seen either of these?


cindy said...

OMG I love your bag!!! Love the color and the style. Awwww!! xD

It's fun *peeking* into someone's bag. *teehee*

I like what's inside your bag. You have stuff that a woman should carry in their bags - tissue! Now I should get some and stuff it inside my bag too. Hehehehe..

Have a wonderful day, Erin.


cindy said...

I haven't watch either of the movie.. but I plan to get the Lady in the Water DVD too.

Please lemme know if it's worth it. ;)

Erin said...

I forgot to add my cellphone.

Anonymous said...

I had to come here to say you cracked me out with the comments on Miriam´s page, Dear Lord, youre soooooooooo funny. Besitos y cariƱos desde Rio de Janeiro, mi casa tu casa si un dia vienes aqui estoy para recibirlos, besitos, Lu

Anonymous said...

No no I´m still living on the same place, and only God knows if Ill be moving from here one day ( I hope I could stay here forever )Helth issues are great and I cant complain about it Im only tired now from holidays cleaning, loundry, eating :)))) like a monster etc... Oye me encanta tu bag :P


Anonymous said...

Me again, I saw lady in water some time ago, esta bueno no es nada especial pero por eso esta bonito ya veras y luego comentamos, espero te guste el otro no mire, lo que mire ayer fue "The Illusionist" si aun no mirastes te lo recomendo esta muy muy bueno

Besitos, Lu

Me, Myself and I said...

lol so many things u carry in your bag!

LOL@ur comment in my blog. Man, u are hilarious! xDDDDDDDDDDD

I'm Just Sayin... said...

I hope you guys liked the movies, I've not seen either one.

I love your bag!!! I worked not too far from the TJ MAXX in TO and me and my two co-workers totally used to go there all the time and whore the bags they had.

Anyway - nice to see you are still blogging. Not too many people are doing it anymore...funny how quickly interests change huh?

Virginia, like the state! said...

I like this idea! Although mine is rather boring (when it's clean)-I usually try to keep just my wallet, cell phone and keys in it.