Saturday, January 20, 2007

No Nutritional Value in being alone...

Dennis leaves tomorrow morning. I was a bit grumpy and anxious tonight with him because I really don't want him to go. We went grocery shopping today to fill up the fridge in our apartment (because we can enter the apartment but we can't use the shower or toilet...)
I'd take a photo or two but he's packed up the digital camera. And my mp3 player. (so limited graphics here in the next weeks)

What's on the menu while Dennis is gone? A few fast-food dinners if I get invited and some pizza or sandwich dinners from the school cafeteria but aside from that, this was on my shopping list:

  • peanut butter, extra chunky

  • tortillas

  • raisens

  • rice cakes in apple cinnamon flavor

  • twinkies

  • hot pockets (ham and cheese)

  • frozen pizza

  • benedryl

  • ibuprofen

  • diet coke zero

  • air freshener***

clearly no nutritional value in my diet for the next 2 weeks.

I was thinking that I might start this post with how wonderful it will be to not have the toilet seat up for 2 weeks or how nice it will be to not have messy bathroom counters (cause my hubby is like a girl when it comes to getting ready except that he leaves bits of toothpaste on the counter and hair from shaving all over.)

But this is not such a blissful great fantastic thing. Yeah, I won't miss those bathroom habits but I don't even know if I'm going to have a bathroom! ***rant about air freshener starts here:

we are supposed to have the hotel room until our bathroom becomes "habitable". Originally we were staying until this Monday. Now I am given permission to go home on Sunday. Sounds good except for the fact that they are still going to be working [painting] on our sinks ("but that doesn't necessitate me leaving my residence") And today, when we went to check on the progress and to stock up the fridge, we couldn't even enter the bathroom without choking from the fumes from the re-doing of the shower! (Because they tore out all of the walls because of a water leak and are replacing basically everything, including the shower) And there is a sign on the shower that says "can't use until Monday".

wouldn't it make more sense for them to just keep me here until Monday or Tuesday? If I can't:

  • take a shower

  • brush my teeth

  • possibly not use the toilet

  • definitely not put all of our bathroom things out of boxes and back into the actual bathroom?

I guess I won't be able to if I can't get into my flipping bathroom, will I???!!

I'm so frustrated about this whole bathroom thing, I really could use the prayers. (It's a silly thing to ask for prayers on but I'm kind of spineless and a doormat.) See, I have the ability to call the supervisor/woman who is in charge of all of this at her home tomorrow because she said "she'd keep me up to date". Dennis thinks I should call her and say "hey, I'm sorry to call you at home but I'm really worried about whether or not it's safe/habitable for me to move in."

I'm worried that she won't keep me up to date, that I'll check out of the hotel and go home only to realize that I can't stay there because I can't even use my toilet. (I can go a day without a shower). And if she didn't want me to call her at home, she maybe shouldn't have her home phone number in the university directory right?

I just hate being aggressive/assertive/controversial/confrontational. But I don't want to live in misery and I know that Dennis is usually [99.9%] right about things like this. I just need prayers for a bit of courage in sticking up for myself. I keep thinking, in my head, about the song that's become like a mantra for me: "lay down your burdens, and I will carry you..." What's the worse that could happen??

I'm going crazy. Twinkies, I have a feeling, are not going to help. I'm also slightly irritated that I will kind of miss Dennis. He's my best friend and the only one that I talk to. This might suck...

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I'm Just Sayin... said...

Awwww - I know what it's like to be alone! I'm so much like you meaning that I hate being "that person" the one who questions other peoples decisions that directly affect me or that I don't agree with.

Even though I know the right thing to do would be call the lady in charge, I probably wouldn't and I'd end up sleeping in my car or something just to avoid having to ask a silly question like, "Are you sure it's safe for me to live there?"

Deane too, is my best friend and the only one I talk to. So when he's gone out of town on business or whatever, I was lost...I had no idea what to do with myself. I sat around watching TV and feeling sorry for myself.

I wish you the very best in the coming days!!! I hope you are able to build up some extra courage and call that lady! And I hope you are able to survive without Dennis!