Sunday, January 21, 2007

too many twinkies.

I've finished studying for the day. It's that point where you've done so much schoolwork that you feel like your brain is going to explode. I don't think I'm working very hard but I have been eating all day and I think I've self-induced a kind of lazy exhaustion. I've done what I have to do to get through tomorrow's classes and I'm done.

There was this guy, in the 80's I think, who murdered a public official in San Francisco. The jury found him "not guilty by reason of insanity" because he had been eating too many twinkies. The twinkies (I guess because of the sugar?) and the added stressors of his life "caused" him to commit murder. It was known as the "twinkie defense". I'm thinking that if something happens tomorrow, like if I just flip out in class, I'll say it was the twinkies.
I'm also thinking that if the only thing I have to blog about is twinkies, that I'm either really pathetic and boring or that I'm blessed to not be very chaotic. Did I mention that I moved back into my apartment today? I can't take a shower because there is this mega-huge fan in the shower area but it is habitable.


cindy said...

We don't have Twinkies in Malaysia, but we have something familiar - only different brand. (can't remember the brand tho. LoL)

You make me hungry already.

Yay for moving back home. :D

marianne said...

Hello and thank you...I found your blog through FWC.And I have always wanted to know what the hell a twinkie is and now I know!