Thursday, February 01, 2007


Hey- check this site and go to vote under "happiest blog" (question 2)- I'm pretty sure Gabriela is nominated! (under "brian and gabriela")
Share the Love Blog Awards (she's definitely a happy blogger!!)

according to the zoom cloud thingy I added (see my sidebar- it's toward the end, in the "Credits" section, I blog way too much about twinkies.)

(basically this thing "tags" my blog for me/figures out what I talk about the most. I don't know if it's counting "jesus" as me writing about jesus or if it's referring to how many times I say "Jesus!" as an exclamatory phrase (e.g."Jesus Christ! Why can't I drive??)

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cindy said...

Yea, I noticed that too. But the first word that caught my eye was the word "Jesus". :)

That's a cool.. er..thingy? plugin?