Saturday, February 10, 2007

I've got some thoughts....


1) maybe that one guy who says he's the father of anna nicole smith's baby is telling the truth. I've been thinking that I've never seen a man so persistent to be someone's father. All the men that I've known have been reluctant, especially if they don't think the baby is theirs. He's sending presents/buying toys. He seems to want to be the father. Makes sense... (stupid post?)

heavy political/war thought so don't read if you like Dick Cheney.
2) I passed a blog that made a statement: basically "I don't understand how you can say 'I don't support the war but I support the troops'"
I've been thinking about it all day. Is that really an oxymoron type statement? I don't support the war and I've said "but I support the troops". Would it be better if I said "well I don't support them either. I wish they would die"? (insensitive?) I'm trying to think about it logically- these guys are following orders, getting shot at, bombed, and basically not living the life I live cozy in Malibu. I've seen stories of men who don't even know their children because they've been fighting. So if I say "I support the troops" (girls included), I guess I mean "I don't agree with the war but they are following orders and I just pray that more return home safe and emotionally/physically unscathed by this war." I know there are wives who have husbands fighting- when it's so close to home, how can you not feel like you should support the cause that your husband is fighting. But is it really his cause? Even if it is his cause and even if he believes, as I'm sure many do, that us being in Iraq is the right thing to do, I don't agree. I don't think killing people is right. I can't support that. If that means I'm not supporting soldiers under that definition, then the definition of "support" is retarded.

It's just aggravating that there are billions of US dollars missing, sent to help restart Iraq, and the guys making the decisions are sitting comfortable in the leather chairs of D.C., while millions of people- patriots, thrill-seekers, guys who saw the army as a way to get into college, people who truly believe they are protecting the US- these guys and the millions of Iraqis we don't really talk about, are all trying to survive in the desert and to not get bombed or shot at/lose a limb/lose a best friend/lose someone loved.

It might sound idealistic or cliche, but prayer for peace and prayer for the safety of these troops and the Iraqis, is a mighty weapon. Jesus said "put down your sword". You can't pick and choose.


gabriela said...

Yup, I have met a couple of people who the only reason for which they joined the army was to attend College for free, and this was said by them. And one who was coming from Irak for vacation and who had to go back after 2 weeks, said he wanted to quit so bad.

A lady, thought she was never going to be sent to Irak and she had just asked to go, so she was scared. The only thing I said to her is that I was going to include her in my prayers for her not to go. Don't know at the end if she went or not.

Related to this woman Anna Nicole Smith, I only new about her when I heard those news about that her son had died, and lately when I heard she died.

Brian said Anna Nicole Smith was well known for being "white trash" just like Britney Spears (Bad reputation, bad behavior, abuse of drugs and alcohol, bad way of speaking, well known for sleeping with everyone, etc.), so I believe he agrees with what you said that she was "pathetic". Related to me, I just see her as a woman without love/God in her life.

Okies, thanks for passing by my blog once again. I appreciate that a lot.

Glad your husband is back home now with you.

Good luck to Dennis and you with school and everything.

Have a very nice weekend Erin. Take care.

I send you a big hug,

Gabriela. :)

I'm Just Sayin... said...

Great post! I tend not to discuss politics, but I applaud you for your post.

Without going into detail or stating whether I'm for or against the war, I will say that I support our troops 100%. If and when we are ever in another position like we were on December 7th or September 11th, we would want them there for protection and security.

IRENE said...

This is brave and wise, Erin.
I pray for peace and I hope that both the American and the Iraqi people will be left alone to live in peace and decide for their own furure.
We all know of course what's behind all this, even those who do not want to admit it: money and the ego of so many people. If only those people who pretend to speak on His behalf had read what He taught, we wouldn't be in this terrible mess now...

Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful comments. I really think that in this international melting pot we live in, we need to hold on to our roots so that we may preserve our diversity and the wealth we represent.

Lovely layout, too! Happy blogging!

cindy said...

Every Sunday, one of the prayers we had was about asking for the peace of the World.

Yea, it's sad to know that we're sitting here comfortably (although my current chair is not as comfortable :P) while there are people out there fighting their lives with war. :(

War is never a good solution to settle thing. War is never pretty.. let's just pray and hope that someday there will be an end to all of this.