Tuesday, February 13, 2007

las ninas

here are some photos that they sent me during our chat today :)

we chatted online for a really long time (hours) and it was the first time that I've ever felt like a stepmom instead of their dad's wife or the woman who buys them presents. I felt like my advice and opinions were important. They have a video camera for chatting and so they were showing me things like their stuffed animals via video and it was really fun.

Camila, wearing makeup and looking grown up for 14 years old :)

Cristina, taken today by video camera
Cristina, a couple of months ago, for her 8th grade graduation- excellant example of how funny Dad's are!- Dennis said "isn't this the same dress her sister wore last year?" I think only women notice these kind of differences- this is not her sisters dress and buying her own dress was a very important thing!!

This is the girls on Christmas, wearing the clothes I bought them for Christmas :D (Charlie's Angels pose- oh to be a teenager again!!)


cindy said...

You know Erin, when I saw the first photo.. I thought it was some supermodel.. she look so beautiful and grown up too! I love her makeup. Natural, yet sweet. :) Gotta love her lashes too.. I think she have Dennis' eyes? :)

You're a very good stepmother, Erin. You know.. honestly.. I've always have this "thought" that stepmothers are bad to their stepkids. Thanks to the Cinderella fairytale.. and Snow White.. and Beauty & The Beast (eh.. was there a stepmother in B&B?) :P

You proved it wrong, Erin. You're an example of what and how a stepmother should be! So proud of you!! xD

P/S It's Feb 14th in Malaysia already, so here's an advanced Valentine's greetings to you!

Happy Valentine's Day, Erin!


cindy said...

Oh, I forgot to add..

How did you and Dennis met? :P
I would love to know if you don't mind. I've searched your website, and I only found a page where you talked about the Immigration. (unless you DID post about it somewhere and I was too blind to see :P)

Since it's Valentine's Day.. would be sweet to read your love story. :P

Me, Myself and I said...

madre míaaaa !! estas niñas son guapísimas! en serio! nada que envidiar a las modelos, que ojazos tiene la primera... son increíbles!

Dennis debe estar muy orgulloso de ellas ^^