Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ten things I worry about

A very appropriate Ten on Tuesday

  • I worry about my weight. How can I be a woman and honestly not have this as my top worry? I do. I worry about my cellulite and my belly and my lack of energy, and I secretly feel overjoyed when the mother of my stepdaughters shows up behind the video camera chat and I see she has fat arms now and cellulite of her own! (It's mean but the first time I saw her she was like a size 1 and gorgeous and Dennis said "well, she was an underwear model..."
  • I worry about how my family in Chile perceives me. Physically and personality wise. I am not Chilena and sometimes I feel like I have to overcompensate.
  • I worry about Greek. I'm not doing so well. Last night I sat on our bathroom floor for 2 hours in the middle of the night conjugating participles. Dennis had to drag me back to bed.
  • I worry about our life plan. It feels like we are going to be in school forever and I don't see a finish line and I'm starting to feel ready to grow out of school.
  • I worry about whether or not I can have a baby. I really want to have a baby, it's not even in our plans to do that right now because of school, and I still think about it every other day at least.
  • I worry about my brother in law and the possibility that if he is dying, that Dennis will have to go to Chile (probably with an open-ticket and probably without me). I don't want Dennis to go through any of that alone.
  • I worry about not being able to drive. It hinders my ability to work off campus, my ability to go shopping for things like food, etc. It's a bad thing.
  • I worry about the guy that I hit in December and paying for his damages, mainly because he hasn't called me back.
  • I worry that my husband will fall into some kind of parallel universe where he only concentrates on school and work and has no energy for anything else- not only for me but for himself- for his faith, health, etc. I hate that he is always so exhuasted and I worry that he is stressing himself out too much.
  • I worry about family members dying or getting into problems that I cannot control.


gabriela said...

Decias no sabias de alguna palabra en Mexico que signifique white trash. Esta puede ser "basura" o alguien "naco".

Yup, there are lots of bad people in the artistic world in Mexico too. Bad and good people just like everywhere. I'm so out of date related to actresses and actors in Mexico. I don't see any Mexican program anymore since a long time ago, as in Mexico I used to work as well just like here, so I would hardly have time to watch soap operas or similar programs.

The only programs I watch currently are Dr. Phil & Oprah, plus the news.

Hey, saw the pics of the daughters of Dennis. They both are very beautiful girls.

Thanks for your comments in my last post and for the nice advice related to which anesthesic to ask the doctor to give me for my wisdom teeth surgery. I know I will look like a chipmunk for some while, lol.

Okies, hope things go fine with my surgery.

Take care and hope you are having a nice week.


Gabriela. :)

Me, Myself and I said...

1) I understand when you talk about school. It happens with me too. I have 1 subject left but I don't have the title that says I have my degree. Fuck, it pisses me off... it is lasting like forever.

2) I also worry about my weight. It isn't easy to be a woman that a) loves eating b) enjoyes eating c) tends to get fat easily. Si I am always on diet and, yes, mostly hungry ( or bored from veggies and green food )

3) I really wish your brother in law gets better but, dear, it is difficult. Now, you should get yourselves ready for anything happening and, above all, happy for him and make him enjoy every little minute of anything! :)

((Big hugs ))