Sunday, February 18, 2007

on a lighter note...

My school mascot is a "wave" and this was homecoming weekend (we don't have a football team so they do it during basketball season...) so there was a special statue on main campus.

we don't look like we are surfing but I can't think of another time in my life when I'll have the chance to be such a dork. And my friend was willing to be dorky with me.

This morning at church, our minister compared sex to the Lord's supper. It was kind of hilarious. His point was that when we are with our spouse, in the safety of your relationship with that person that you are with, you are saying that you accept that it isn't right to be alone and all of that but you are also saying that God is in control of your marriage. (He also mentioned affirmation of covenant but it's too much theology for me to write about in my blog right now. I've got a headache.)

I'm not saying that everything my minister says is 100% truth. He's a man after all. But he said "if your marriage is brought together with God, if you celebrate each other every day and love each other as God loves you, than how can your marriage fail." I know that there are ways, in the real world. But it was comforting to hear and a good reminder for both of us, about how we can't get lazy and just be mean to each other all the time. Especially in light of stressors like the girls and work and school and distractions in our lives, it is easy. It's kind of like what I've been trying to remember for a while now, that if God says "love your neighbor" and your closest neighbor is your spouse, then all the more true but difficult it is to love him!

It's a two way street- I can't say that our marriage is fail-proof if Dennis is being awesome but I'm kind of ignoring him or threatening to bite him or beat him with my cell phone (for example). But I have been stressing out a lot lately and so this little comfort was important for me. Who knows what the future holds, who knows what God's plans are for our lives. But I'm going to stick with the comfortable idea that he is in our lives, does have a plan for us, and does want our marriage to last and for us to be an example.

And I'm going to stop now. I've been going deep thinking and tomorrow is going to suck because I have a midterm due and we are going to do our taxes.

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mrsmogul said...

If sex is the Lord's supper than I am starving!!! LOL

I love that wave thing! I am such a wimp I could never go surfing! Scared of water and things in it!