Saturday, February 10, 2007

So it's about love...

so it's a few days shy of V-Day-Blogging Chicks wants to know about love. (dia de los enamorados). Yes, I admit that I used to hate this holiday (before marriage). But now I have a sweetheart and I actually like Valentine's Day. It's probably the only day of the year where I feel like I should bake something.

The first year we were together Dennis sent me a card and I sent him a box of love letters. We were long distance and it made sense.
The first year of marriage I think I just gave him a cheesy heart decorated mug and some old navy pajama pants. I can't remember what he gave me. I know we went to dinner. (I'm thinking now, that he might have bought perfume?)
The second year of marriage I said "I want a teddy bear". And he gave me a gigantic white bear. It lives in our closet right now. I can't remember what I gave him.
Last year he gave a scrapbook for couples. It's kind of like a baby book for couples but I was the only one to fill it out. I gave him chocolate covered strawberries. And I ate them.

This year, I'm giving him more old navy pajama pants. Because I love how he looks in them. And I've truly decided that if he's going to give me anything at all, it really would be great if it was time. One of my biggest gripes is that he falls asleep before the 11 o'clock news. I would like to watch the news with my husband on Valentine's Day. Some wine would be nice, and me not cooking would be fantastic, but I don't want Dennis to try finding anything for me that's going to end up in our closet. I like a card but I feel like we've evolved.

this is our "Valentine's Video" to the world. The only way it worked was when Dennis was directing and able to make me grumpy. We tried but this is the only way.


I'm Just Sayin... said...

YAAAY!!! I got to hear your voice!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!

cindy said...

LOLOLOL that is so cute! :D

You look so cute and Dennis look so cute too (his finger at least) LOLOLOLOL

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, sweetie. I think it's funny that you bought Dennis chocolate covered strawberry that you end up eating it. :P


Me, Myself and I said...

LOL! I didn't understand a thing! ( say it is normal pleeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee )

However, you look very funny, Erin hahaha how can you get mad at your hubby when he is kindly filming you? ( I would pose first and ocne the video is over I'll punch him if he would have been picking on me heheheeee )

Mert said...

You guys are too cute (at least from what i saw of his fingers) LOL! greatpost, here from the carnival of blogging chicks.

CyberCelt said...

Happy Valentine's Day.

IRENE said...

I loved what you've said about your husband looking good in his pj pants. You make great companions. Emjoy the Valentine's!