Sunday, February 11, 2007

childish moment...

apparently the worst thing you can ever do if you get into an auto accident, even a minor one, is to admit culpability. The guy that I hit in December called and left a message. I called him back and left a message saying "I still want to help you because you know, it was my fault."

I still think that this is probably an admission that won't be such a big deal. It was my fault. It just sucks that as I'm saying this on the phone Dennis is making faces at me.

I wish I could crawl underneath the bed and make all of this go away. I just want to drive.

For anyone who understands spanish, Dennis imitates this guy all the time (even if you don't understand spanish you will understand that when he does this it's annoying- he acts like this when I make stupid mistakes like admitting that it was my fault. It's funny unless I feel guilty already and then it's not really funny.)


cindy said...

OK, I don't understand a word he's saying but it sound/look funny!

Ahh.. I need to learn Spanish. :(

Me, Myself and I said...

lol! well it is funny, yes, but I udnerstand Dennis' reaction: it is ok you admit it was your fault but... is it necessary to call the guy up and say you offer your help??? ( was he hot ? hahaha :P )

P.S: Yes Cindy, You need it!