Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ten movies that have made me cry

It's a tuesday meme but I'm doing it tonight. It takes my mind off of stupid things:
(from ten on tuesday)
  • "the notebook"- I sobbed and sobbed at this movie. It was like a song in my heart. and very full of estrogen. I've only met one woman who has seen this movie who hasn't cried but loads of men who don't get it.
  • "Bridges of Madison County"- I remember seeing it with my mom and being mad at the end- open the door!!!
  • "The Pursuit of Happyness"- still in theaters, I think. I held the tears in until we got to the parking lot and then I cried for like ten minutes. I've been there and it was so real.
  • "Lilo and Stitch"- I saw it when I was far from Dennis and it came out in the US first so I told him he HAD to take the girls to see it!! (ohana!!)
  • "World Trade Center"- how can you not cry? I defy you to not cry.
  • "Gladiator"- I love the ending. Fantastic Music.
  • "Moulin Rouge"- I didn't expect the ending. Saw it with my little sister and we cried. great soundtrack.
  • "Labrinito del Fauno"- another unexpected ending. just a beautiful film to watch, highly recommended but not for kids.
  • "Philadelphia"- Tom Hanks has AIDS and Antonio Banderas is his gay lover. It was beautiful. I saw it one night while Dennis was snoring next to me. He had no clue as to why I was crying.
  • "Wit"- another cancer movie, not released in theaters. but so worth it. I had to see it this summer for my class on Ministry in Crisis. I left class at the end and cried in my office (loud sobs actually).
  • (it's 11 but i just thought of it)- "Shadowlands"- it's a biography of C.S. Lewis and another cancer movie. Watching Hannibal Lector cry is quite moving.
  • (number 12- oh man I just thought of one more!!)- "Finding Neverland"- about the guy who wrote "Peter Pan"- Kate Winslet is genius in this film. Another one that caused me to just sob and Dennis didn't get it.

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cindy said...

I cried for World Trade Center, Gladiator & Moulin Rouge too. xP