Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith (I couldn't help it).

I had to post on it. Anna Nicole Smith died today

It's sad because they are already comparing her to Marilyn Monroe- her life seems just as tragic. I never took her very seriously as anything more than "farandula" (celebrity gossip- "wait how is she even still a celebrity?") It's just sad, more than anything, that she was known for being stupid and drugged out (which I'm sure she was at least of the latter). I look at her and I am reminded of why I'm so determined to finish college. Her career started because she was a stripper turned playboy model. She's known as a "reality star" when I'm sure a part of her wished she was known as an actress or as a model.
It's just so depressing really- did I ever see her as bubbly and upbeat? I personally saw her as kind of pathetic, kind of used, and after her son died, kind of abused. Her son died the day her daughter was born, and US celebrity news hasn't stopped covering her or digging into who was the father of her daughter. I was thinking "my goodness, when will they leave her alone and let her be a mommy? she hasn't even been able to grieve the death of her son!" So when I saw the headlines this afternoon at work, I thought "well if she killed herself I don't know if I would blame her."
Before all of this mess, I do remember her having a reality show that I couldn't watch because she was so hard to understand (and kind of frustratingly annoying). And then when she lost a lot of weight because of "TrimSpa" I thought "that sucks. More reasons for her to be in the public eye".

So yeah, I kind of looked at her with a negative point of view- if she wasn't annoying, she was depressing and I didn't give her much attention except for in the various ways she was made fun of on TV comedies. Dennis didn't know who she was apart from all of her coverage in Entertainment news and he thought she was a mess. So it's really sad that she's died, under very weird circumstances. It's sad that she couldn't (or wasn't given the chance?) to get it together for her little baby girl and her new husband. Maybe it's meant to be.

(last video is a Saturday Night Live parody of her a few years ago- looking at it today, it's pretty sad with a bit of truth. It's not a Christian parody or a kid-friendly parody. But Anna Nicole Smith was not Christian-friendly or kid-friendly....)

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cindy said...

Yea, it's kinda sad that she passed away.. I really feel sad for the baby daughter. Who's gonna take care of her now?

If it was a suicide, I wouldn't blame her too. Hollywood life never seem to be easy on celebrities. Can't imagine having people intruding her life 24/7.. :(

mrsmogul said...

I just posted about it too..IT"E EVERYWHERE!!!

Mrs Mogul

medea said...

It's all so crazy. I want to know what exactly it was about Larry Birkhead that she was trying to keep her daughter from him. I mean, if he wasn't the father she would've just done the paternity test. So if he was and she got into a marriage with her lawyer just to keep they guy away... what if he's a child molestor or something? Or did they just have a fight? Poor little girl will probably never know either. So tragic.

I'm Just Sayin... said...

I wrote about it too. It's very sad that not only did she have such a seemingly sad life spent being oogled and then laughed at, and now to have the media exploiting her death is sad.

I wouldn't be surprised if she herself isn't sure who the father of her baby is, it seems like she has been so drugged and out of it for so long that she probably didn't even know.

In a way I feel sorry for her, in a different way I don' seems like she was at times very selfish, and at other times completely clueless.

Never the less, it's always sad when someone comes to an end like that.