Monday, March 12, 2007

benedryl now in acid form...

I'm guessing based on history channel documentaries, books, stories from my parents, and from warnings by policemen paid to come talk to my class when I was still in grade school:

This reminds me very much of what I would imagine acid to look like. I can't be too far off, can I?

It's supposed to be in "vanilla mint". But it's not very appealing. It's actually quite foul. They are going to have to improve on that if they want to actually sell this product... (well, I tried this less than five minutes ago too. So if they make it so that you feel drowsy in like 5 minutes, that would work too...)

So, back to school (I had "spring break" last week). This means that I spent too many hours at work. But, some good things happened. First, we got our Greek midterms back. And I got a 90%!!! This is like a miracle. It is a miracle. Mainly because my last test score was a 68% and I have never tested higher than 86% (about- that was the first test and I can't remember- It was a high B). I nearly had a heart attack and so did the whole class (there's like 10 of us and they all know that I am struggling!)

And my boss (my other boss- the Chaplain), brought me flowers for my birthday!

But best of all, Dennis did the dishes before I came home. He's been working hard and he's more exhausted than I (really- he's already asleep!!) but he did the dishes for me because I had said that it was all I wanted for my birthday!

Tomorrow, we are having a guest from Mexico. This is one of those things- hospitality means a lot to both of us even though we really like having our privacy, and so we never say no. But it was really short notice (I found out earlier this evening). So I have to spend tomorrow hiding all of our clutter, throwing stuff in closets, changing sheets, cleaning the bathroom,vacuuming, blah... (She's not coming until the evening, thank God, so I will have time!) At least I don't have to worry about the dishes!!


cindy said...

Wow benedryl in strips. we don't have that over here yet.. or maybe I haven't been shopping these days. :P

those are lovely flowers!

Me, Myself and I said...

wow 90%! that's wonderful, congratulations! you deserve flowers and more! :)

It is very nice you are having guests, I love having them too, esp. if they are from other countries... and what to say about Mexico! I bet you'll have a great time and you'll be able to practise your spanish hehe