Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bridezilla (or really just her sister...)

Today I went to a really really nice bridal shower for one of my closest friends. It was in a gimongous house in Malibu (really. like 3 levels- an entry room, a dining room, a huge kitchen, a bar and living room, a tv room, a huge bathroom that joined to be a game room, and a study (and a couple of bathrooms in there), a freaking elevator... ginormous parking entry, guest room, obligatory pool/jacuzzi... (and this is only one floor!!)

But they weren't related to the bridetobe in any way. It's just an old couple that lets people use their house for things like bridal showers.

It was game themed and very cute. We played variations of things like mad-gab and watched her answer questions about her fiance and one of the girls made a bouquet out of all the ribbons attached to the packages/gifts she had to unwrap (for the rehersal dinner). Her fiance and some of the men around stayed out of the way and parked cars and the whole thing went so well!! (I thought, "man if I ever get to be in charge of a bridal shower... I have ideas!!)

So I got there early enough to help the maids of honor- her sister and her best friend. Her sister, I was warned, was a control freak. One of the best things (or worst) about a wedding shower is getting a bunch of girls together to gossip. Even better when the house is huge and control freak sister is on the other side of the house obsessing about how to arrange the games (her obsessing paid off by the way- the games looked fantastic!)

I started out helping with the games and then I realized I wasn't helping- I remember saying "I think I should just go see if I can help in the kitchen. There isn't muh left to do and I know that if I do anything else you are going to alter it anyway..." and she said "probably yeah" (don't blame her for the honesty. and it is her sister so I don't blame her for wanting perfection...)
So I helped with the best friend, who was cooking the finger foods. As we made deviled eggs and potstickers and mini quiche etc., I learned that one of the other sisters was "removed from duty" for not helping out enough (removed by the control freak sister) AND I learned that the control freak sister also had told the best friend (and the men) do not eat any of the food. Bring a sack lunch...

what? who says that? don't eat? I understand if it was like a maid or something but this is the best friend and co-maid of honor!! whaaat?

so I fed the best friend myself. I set aside deviled eggs and cut the ends off the french baguettes and even said "oye! oye nena! quieres migas??" (I don't know if she understood my spanish or not but in retrospect it was funny to be asking her if she wanted crumbs and she really did (poor girl didn't eat breakfast!!)

point: it was a great shower. And if you are getting married, maybe picking the OCD sister is a good idea. At least then things get done.

But I'm glad I got married in Vegas....

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Me, Myself and I said...

I didn't know there were kind on rental houses to do the bridal showers. Your description sounds very glamourous and luxury... do you know if they'll be able to pay it after all ? lol

Anyways, glad you fed the poor girl, I personally think this kind of parties are made for gossiping ( as you mentioned before ) and eating ( because there is usually different and expensive food to eat haha )