Sunday, March 25, 2007

I don't even care anymore...

He might be gay but I've succumbed to Ricky Martin music again. I thought he was really hot when he was on "general hospital" in the 90's and really really hot the first time I heard him sing "livin' la vida loca"... And then he got really annoying and over-played and I got really preoccupied with the fact that he might be gay. Dennis and I have even had conversations where Dennis is SURE he is.

But I don't care anymore. He's back with new(er) music that Dennis plays at full blast and I really like the songs. I was watching an interview tonight that he did on a mexican tv show and he talked about tequila and cerveza and he helped bust open a pinata (hello, mexican tv...) I decided he is sexy again, gay or not. So I've decided I like Ricky Martin again. I think I was annoyed more because they started playing "Livin La Vida Loca" at Bar Mitvah's and for old people, then for anything related to him. (But I just remember that he got really private after that song, and he started talking about yoga and I just thought "okay. he's weird...."

listen to the song. it's good, I promise.


cindy said...

Mmmm.. nice, am enjoying this song while lying on the bed. :D

I thought he looked like gay too - but still, he's so cute!

mrsmogul said...

Ricky Martin was in GENERAL HOSPITAL?? Well, i haven't seen that soap since I was a teen. ANyway RICKY IS GAY??? LOL Yea well he never really came out did he? Remember when Madonna fawned all over him at some press conference?

Me, Myself and I said...

This song is sung with Chambao, a spanish singer who was fighting against cancer and Ricky decided she was such a brave person that wanted to sing with her.

I love Ricky Martin: la Copa de la Vida, la Vida loca, all his songs are WODNERFUL! he has become too mystical for my own taste BUT I love him, he is sexy, appealing and too hot plus he is so cute.

medea said...

I love Menudo!

That's all.

BlondeMom said...

I saw him in concert several years ago (during the Livin' La Vida Loca hype) and it was awesome.

I can't get the song to pull up on my #@$*& work computer. I will definitely check it out later.

And yes, he is hot, hot, hot! ;)