Tuesday, March 20, 2007

catching up...

I have no idea why I had a momentary aversion to my blog. I think it was the cake.

I ate a lot of birthday cake last week. Birthday cake for breakfast is really awesome, at least in theory, and by day three I was definitely adjusted to the super rich flavor of white icing. Per Dennis's hypothesis, I finished the whole cake pretty much by myself, in one week. And I think that the ginormous amount of sugar flowing through my system that week gave me a kind of weird emotional instability- I wasn't depressed (but I did sleep alot). I went to the gym (but I didn't go to church), and Dennis and I got along really really well last week.
We also had a guest for most of the week, our friend from Mexico. But she is trying to preserve her gall bladder (oh it took me so long to figure out that "gall bladder" was what she was saying in spanish!!) So she had a really strict diet, making Dennis and I even more anti-healthy probably. We didn't drink tequila (I can't drink it straight anyway) but we had lots of good conversations when Dennis was at work. And she was also away alot. One of the best things about having guests is when they have to leave you and your husband alone in the apartment. Because there is a great threat that the guest will come back. And we didn't give her a key. So we were compelled to do anything that we wouldn't do when she was around, when she was gone. (Maybe another reason why Dennis and I got along quite well this past week...)

But aside from all of the birthday cake and mexican guests, we were both just really busy and frazzled with homework. Dennis has been working, for over a month, on this project with things like numbers and equations (really- he's basically analyzing the finances of 4 competing companies and I had to correct the grammar. And as I was reading over his homework, I was thinking "what professor gets delight in grading this stuff?? It's so boring!!) And Dennis is in the very very beginning process of starting his own business but he also wants to include me in planning (or atleast in the shopping part- he's planning on providing a product geared toward women). And I had my own homework- I had to do a presentation on what we are doing today in our world to fight poverty (very depressing. I cannot go deeper suffice to say I do not plan on becoming like Mother Theresa but she is certainly a grand figure in history.)

Last night, in class giving my presentation, I felt awful. Like stomach flu awful. I, luckily, was in a group of girls who all kind of stutter through oral presentations (we all have that voice that says "I'm so nervous doing this!!"). But at break, I had to leave because I was quitenearlyvomiting. (My professor, bless his heart, said "do you need me to drive you home?" (I live down the street from class and ended up walking barefoot back because I didn't want to sit in front of class barefoot and about to throw up.)

This is the problem with diabetes. I didn't eat anything yesterday. (Okay I had a roll for breakfast and a cookie as a snack around 5pm). But something in my insulin pump (that which functions as my electronic battery powered pancreas) wasn't working. I managed not to vomit and was able to have conversations with a nurse who works with the pump and with my doctor, to stabilize my blood sugars, but had I started vomiting (and I was sittingonthebathroomfloor close), I would had to have gone to the ER. (not good. they take forever and it's so expensive.) Dennis was really awesome (I think husbands of diabetic wives should get gold stars or medals or something). And by about 5am, I was finally under control. (By about midnight, I was able to clearly and definitively say I didn't need to go to the hospital.)

But I still feel crummy today. I've developed (another) cold and my mouth and throat are terribly sore. (I don't know where to place blame on colds- is it the fact that my diabetes is because of a poor autoimmune system or is it because I do things like eat birthday cake all week?)

The point is that I'm here and alive, and not avoiding my blog anymore. I really think last week (especially after we didn't have guests) was because of the cake. Something in the sugar just made me a bit apathetic. (I'm using the twinkie defense.) So I do hope nobody feels I'm neglecting or ignoring! I'm going to start back up again!!

OH YES- I almost forgot! I have 15 songs to download but I need help choosing them! Any suggestions? I'm looking for songs that I will either play over and over and over or that would be fun to listen to when I work out (as that's really the only time I use my mp3 player!!)

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cindy said...

Welcome back Erin! :)

Before downloading any mp3s, I will always go to billboard.com first and see which song is on the top 100. I either listen to the free "preview" or search for it in iTune. If it sounds nice, I'll download it. :D