Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ten things I hate doing...

Ten things I hate doing
1. fighting with Dennis. especially when I can predict that I'm going to be fighting with him because he made a decision and I decided to not follow that decision. I just all around hate fighting with him.
2. I hate doing the dishes.
3. I hate the act of waking up for church on Sundays. I like church but it's the act of putting my feet on the ground that gets me.
4. I hate brushing my hair. I've pretty much developed a masochistic relationship with my hair where it's always in a ponytail because I don't like wearing it down. But I don't want to cut my hair because I don't like short hair. So I just leave it in a ponytail-bun style constantly and end up waiting for like 3 days to brush it. And then it's hell. It's led me to temptation to either put my hair in dreads or to just shave it all together a la Brittney Spears.
5. I hate the part of traveling where I'm in an airport waiting to check in because I automatically get panicked and worried. I will arrive 2 hours early just to make sure that I'm there. Dennis prefers to wait until the last moment possible to get there because he hates airports.
6. I hate checking the grammar in Dennis's homework. He doesn't understand spell-check/grammar-check and he is getting better but I'm an impatient girl and it gets annoying reading "olso" instead of "also", "Sturbucks" instead of "Starbucks" etc. He has a fascination with using the word "anywho" as a transition in his emails and it drives me nuts. And there are just grammar things that are different for culture. In Spanish (according to Dennis at least), you put a period (.) after a question mark or exclamation mark (!) or (?).
7. I hate complaining when services don't work in my favor. I hate calling and saying "you know, I'm really disappointed" because I hate being perceived as a bitch.
8. I hate going to the doctor. I've had so many bad experiences with doctors (perhaps with right reason) telling me all the things I needed to do and not enough of telling me what I'm doing right, and it just fills me with dread.
9. I hate doing these amazingly long "exegesis" research papers. I've got one due in a month and I haven't started it because it's like pulling teeth for me to actually do it. I'm so lucky I'm not failing through classes!!
10. I hate walking in Las Vegas. Every time I've been in Las Vegas, it's always been really freaking hot (makes sense. it's a desert.) I have a great flashback of last year when I was like full-out yelling in the hot sun because Dennis and I were WALKING!!

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cindy said...

LOL! I'm sorry, I can't help it but laugh!

It's so funny reading how you "complained" about stuff like how Dennis spell "olso" instead of "also". I can almost imagine how it would look like between you and Dennis. LOL! You both are so cute and funny at the same time! :P

So good to see you blog again. :)