Saturday, March 03, 2007


Pancho is, as I expected, not 100% cancer free but he is still getting better (it's still good news and still in the miracle category!) He has to take medication and there is still cancer (I'm not sure if it's cancer cells or tumors or what because the whole cancer thing is quite confusing) in his stomach. There is a chance that he might have to go through a little bit more chemo but right now the doctors are saying it's not necessary. And he's eating! (this is huge because he couldn't eat before due to horrible side effects from the chemo and radiation). I am emailing him to ask him to send photos as he starts to look and feel better and stronger. (I want to see his beard and the peach fuzz that will top his head as his hair grows back!) Most of all, I am grateful for the hope and strength in his voice. I've been thinking, even if the cancer is not completely gone or even if it decided to return with a vengeance, Pancho has been given more time than we thought he would have.
I cannot imagine how it would feel to be at death's door one month and then to feel like a newborn baby the next month. I pray that his body grows stronger and that the cancer disappears. I pray for that 100% gone.


BlondeMom said...

I'm so happy to hear about your brother-in-law...that is awesome!

I'll be remembering him in my prayers.

Me, Myself and I said...

it might have been scary after all.