Friday, March 02, 2007

update on Pancho...

God is so good.

It could be a miracle of science, it could be that things weren't as bad as they seemed. Rationalize it however you choose. I choose miracle of prayers and of God listening to the cries of our hearts.

Pancho called me today (dennis was at work). I noticed right away that he sounded stronger and healthier than usual. He said "Because I am!" He visited the doctors today and they told him that his cancer has gone into remission. So even though we had thought it was spreading, even though we thought he had cancer up to his spine, the cancer is now "gone". He has to recuperate from the side effects of chemotherapy still but he, for now, does not have to worry about cancer treatments!
(He told me that his hair is growing back and that he is growing a beard!) I talked to my mother in law and she said that he is much better, eating little but more than before, and that everyone is overjoyed because of this news. It's hard to believe this as I type it- 100% gone? I wonder if this means that it is gone for now and could come back? Right now, at the moment I type, though, I don't care. He sounds strong and happy and grateful for his second opportunity. I am so thankful that he is not sicker, so thankful that he is not dying, so thankful for this complete reversal of how things were happening. We were preparing for him to die, preparing for Dennis to have to go to Chile with an open-ticket. God is so good, and I am a believer.

I pray that this is an opportunity for God to work in the hearts of Dennis and of his brother as both have been suffering faith-crisis before. I pray that they both remember the hell of this whole thing and remember that Pancho is better and that life is precious, and I pray that they realize that something is working, something is in control, something is keeping Pancho alive and on this earth. I pray that Dennis sees how prayers work- we had people of all faiths (even Jews!) praying for Pancho to get better. And he is!!


cindy said...

OMG Erin!! I read the San Peregrino post before this one, because somehow when I saw the topic "Update on Pancho".. I felt kind of scared to read bad news.. and was hoping that somehow the post on San Peregrino will have some "effect" on Pancho.

Praise the Lord!! I'm so happy for Pancho! YAY!!!! I wish him well and fast recovery. :)

I still can't stop smiling now. :D

Valerie Fentress said...

I'm with you in putting that in the miracle catagory!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Me, Myself and I said...

wow!!! I am so surprised! gladly surprised tho :):):) great about miracles, great abut Pancho!! I bet you are still celebrating, aren't you?

Great news, I am happy for all of you :)

I'm Just Sayin... said...

OHHHHHHHH That's great!!! I am so happy for you and Dennis and Pancho!!! That's great and I really really hope this means a fast recovery for him!!!

I somehow missed the post about Dennis getting his diploma - so I'm also commenting to say congrats to him for that!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend with all your great news!!!