Wednesday, March 07, 2007

for heaven's sakes...

children, do not let your husband teach you how to drive. I know this sounds like an obvious "do not ever do this" but I have no choice. Not only do I have to learn parallel parking and backing up and U-turns via my darling obsessive husband, I have to complain tomorrow to the driving school because Dennis is not satisfied that they didn't teach me these things. I'm not satisfied either but unlike him I could care less about complaining to the company. I just want my driver's license. I have such tunnel vision regarding this matter that I am eating and sleeping the need and idea of having my license. And so every time my husband or the instructor utters "you are not ready" I just kind of want to scream.

so I guess the problem is in having patience. Dennis knows I want to have my license, he knows I'm trying, and we are all on the same page. I just would really like to make time pass more quickly. I want to be free. Dennis wants me to be free. Jesus wants me to have my license. I know it.

So children, learn and do not let this happen to you. I fear I will be thirty years old before I actually really drive independently and on my own (oh you have no idea how much I want to drive on Pacific Coast Highway listening to the Dixie Chicks singing about war and RVs all by myself!!! I don't even want to be a multi-tasking female driver on her cellphone putting on mascara! really! I just want to go to the grocery store and buy risotto without Dennis!!)

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IRENE said...

Hello Erin,
I haven't visited for quite some time. I have not updated my links for ages, and I had to look for one of your comments to get to you!
Anyway, I am glad I am here.
I've got my licence since 2005, but I am not confident and scared to drive. Any suggestions for that?
Best Wishes for your licence!