Tuesday, March 06, 2007

sensitive palate...

dennis has a sensitive palate. and when I say this, I mean he's picky as hell. (and it doesn't help that I don't know how to cook much...)
He doesn't like tomato sauce, beans, anything spicy, or healthy... so he'd live at Jack in the Box if he could. The problem with this is that he (bless his chilean heart) expects me to make him home cooked meals every night. And when I say "home cooked" I mean "real lasagna" and not marie callendar's frozen lasagna.

so tonight I explained to him that I was making risotto. (when I say risotto, I mean risotto from a box.) And I explained that it was an "entree" which to me means "main course". And that if he didn't like it, he could go to McDonald's.

It's one of those classic experiences in marriage that I'm not quite sure I could accurately explain- you have to live through it. I put the risotto in front of him and started eating. And as I ate, I thought "IsweartoGodyoubettereateverysinglebiteofthismeal" (even though it was out of a box and not difficult to prepare). I just got thoroughly frustrated by the fact that he a)was saying he didn't like risotto and b)expected me to cook (again, it wasn't hard so I guess I shouldn't be so annoyed).
I'm over it but I did tell him "If you don't eat every single bite, I'm so putting this in my blog! Most husbands are human garbage disposals!!!"

And it's in my blog.


cindy said...

LOL!! I can't imagine how you said those to Dennis, but it certainly sounds cute!! xD

mrsmogul said...

I've made risotto a few times in the past and it took like three hours to cook. Hell, maybe that's why the stuff gooped all down the kitchen counter. Try cous cous next time and see what he says!